Email Design Systems: Newell Rubbermaid

Newell Rubbermaid is a large company with 20+ brands under their umbrella. Prior to the email design work, each brand was siloed from each other with different email creation processes, including from-scratch HTML. Newell Rubbermaid did not want to consolidate the brands, but wanted their email production approach to be streamlined and more efficient across brands.

Newell Rubbermaid wanted to have email design systems created for each brand. On a campaign level, Newell Rubbermaid opted to have an assigned SFMC designer(s) and SFMC developer(s) to each brand to build emails with that brand’s email design system.

Due to budget, this project also required that the structural base of the email design system be the same across almost all brands, with the exception of some minor header and footer differences.


Partners and stakeholders:
Newell Rubbermaid leadership, Newell Rubbermaid marketing, SFMC project manager, SFMC designers, SFMC developers

I first assessed the email sends among the brands to identify design patterns that were the most common. I also identified similar design patterns across brands that could be consolidated into a single module where possible.

After identifying common design patterns, I wireframed a standardized shell and modules that would cater to various types content needed for the brands. This became the structural base to be shared across all brand email design systems.

Working closely with each Newell Rubbermaid brand stakeholder, each brands unique design guidelines were applied to the wireframes and presented to each brand stakeholder for reviews and approvals. I also confirmed with brand stakeholders any specific or unique needs for headers and footers for each brand prior to designs being finalized.

I then partnered with SFMC designers to create email design system PSD files for each brand.

First, I confirmed accuracy of all email design system redlines prior to handoff to ensure proper branding and to ensure email best practices were applied to the builds where applicable (e.g. body copy live text, headline live text if possible [dependent on brand and stakeholder preferences], alt text styling, etc.)

Then I led and assisted SFMC developers to build out the email design systems for each brand via reusable code snippets held within the SFMC platform.

Campaign Design:
Established email design system PSDs were then utilized by SFMC designers to create campaign designs. This ensured that any designs created fit within the email design system guidelines.

Campaign Development:
SFMC developers would utilize the designer PSDs as a reference, then leverage the email design code snippets already established in the SFMC platform to create campaign builds.


Though brands still operated separately, they were less siloed due to a consolidated production process via the same email design system(s). Production speed increased across brands, email creation and production process became more aligned.

Wireframes and MOCKUPS

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns created using the email design system.