Email Design Systems: Premier Agent Onboarding

Premier Agent Onboarding is a series to guide subscribers through the Premier Agent experience, including creating an agent profile on Zillow and Trulia, downloading the Premier Agent app, advertising on Zillow and Trulia, and other Premier Agent related actions. The system had to be flexible yet simple enough to use so it looked consistent no matter where the subscriber was in the onboarding journey.


The approach mirrored the other email design systems created for Premier Agent. Similar to other email design systems, module variations and colors were made available to enable A/B testing to enable iteration for improved performance.


Emails created resulted in positive outcomes including an increase of app actions, an increase in app logins and an increase in spend modifications. As the team continues to look at performance, the email design system allows non-HTML users to swap modules, A/B test modules and A/B test content within modules as needed without developer support.


Email Design System

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns created using the email design system.