Email Design Systems: Paper Mate InkJoy

PaperMate InkJoy is a subbrand of Newell Rubbermaid. Though I created an email design system(s) for all Rubbermaid brands, it was determined that Paper Mate InkJoy’s brand was more unique due to the nature of their content and their brand guidelines. This work was was split out from the main project.


Partners and stakeholders:
Paper Mate InkJoy leadership, Paper Mate InkJoy marketing, SFMC project manager

I first assessed the email sends for the brand to identify design patterns and also included an assessment of the website to include designs that made the Paper Mate InkJoy brand standout.

After identifying common design patterns and unique brand designs, I wireframed the email design system.

Using the Paper Mate InkJoy brand guidelines, previous emails and the website experience as a reference, I designed an email design system that fit the brand’s unique look and feel.

I then created an email design system PSD file for the brand to be utilized by the SFMC designer assigned the the brand. This ensured that any designs created fit within the email design system guidelines.

Built out the email design systems via reusable code snippets held within the SFMC platform. The SFMC developer assigned to the brand would utilize the designer PSDs as a reference, then leverage the email design code snippets already established in the SFMC platform to create campaign builds.


Production speed increased. Despite having a different structural base vs other Newell Rubbermaid brands, the process for email creation was the same and therefore closer aligned to the other brands than before the implementation of the design system.