Email Design Systems: Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom needed an email design system that would be usable by their employees that had little-to-no HTML experience. Budget was also tight and the amount of hours that we could use for the project was limited.


Stakeholders and partners:
Fruit of the Loom leadership, Fruit of the Loom marketing, SFMC project manager

Due to constraints from Fruit of the Loom, I did not have access to previously sent emails to assess.

After working closely with the project manager and the client to find the best solution for their needs and their budget, we decided to skip wireframes and dive straight into mockups. Using the Fruit of the Loom brand guidelines and the website experience as a reference, I designed an email design system that fit the brand look and feel while also addressing potential content needs.

I built the email design system so it was usable with the SFMC WYSIWYG editor for Fruit of the Loom’s team.


After initial delivery and providing training, the email design system was handed off to Fruit of the Loom for them to bring in-house.

Email Design System