Email Campaigns

PRemier AGENT: PA Forward Offer

Due to a major business change and agent feedback, the brand wanted to get out a detailed email message about how they were addressing that feedback along with an offer. When inserting the copy into the modules available in the email design system, we found that the amount of copy made it difficult to digest. However, removing copy was not an option as stakeholders found it critical to keep as-is.

In partnership with one of our designers who specializes in illustrations, we were able to find a balance with an illustrated visual and icons to help break up the copy.

The hero is a two-column module with live text and a bulletproof button while utilizing the same background color as the illustrated image to make it appear as a single hero while still stacking on mobile. I also designed and developed a callout module for the offer copy to help it stand out while also still being connected visually to the rest of the content.


The brand wanted to send an operational message to the agents with the top 10% of CSAT scores. Operational messaging utilizes an email design system that is relatively minimal, so there was a desire to make this particular email a bit more exciting vs a regular operational email.

After working with our designer that specializes in illustration, we were able to plan out a more unique email hero that helped celebrate the agents accomplishment.

I developed a module that included two rows: the top row held a live text headline, the second row held a personalized agent image and both rows including a background image of the confetti image created by our designer.  The background images in each row line up properly on desktop and on mobile the background image in the top row hides for improved legibility.

To help up the excitement a bit more, I utilized the CSS firework animation by Eddie Lin (initially found via Litmus) and altered the particle shapes and colors to appear more like confetti to better match the background image(s).


The brand wanted to send a fun and exciting holiday greeting to the agents.

Leveraging the holiday illustration created by one of our designers, I animated two of the figures ice skating in the image in a gif. I also layered in an adapted version of a CSS snow animation by Nicky Christensen.


Per SFMC recommendation, Sunnova was interested in creating a special Birthday-triggered email campaign.

After being pitched the concept by the Senior Design Consultant, I designed the mockup then illustrated and animated the gif to surprise and delight subscribers.